Hem Line

So in textiles class the other day i learnt that the higher the hem line on skirts or dress the better the economy and more money they have whereas the longer the skirt or dress the crappier the economy is for example the great depression….. how interesting is that haha !!

Love Bre x

WE’RE BACK and so is ‘preppy’

WE'RE BACK and so is 'preppy'

Things have finally calmed down a little and now we’re back.. I’ve found this photo (thanks Sportsgirl) which I love.
It seems the preppy look has been a little bit of a trend lately, and this outfit is spot on!
The only thing I would change is the color of the plaid jumper, perhaps a red plaid instead? Or maybe a pastel color? Or maybe even basic black? Let me know what you would do!

Chelsea x

Ever walk into a shop thinking nahh dont really need anything ? Well that was me the other day, but I bought this beautiful black clutch with gold metal outlining and a LONG black woolen scarf ( a winter must have) ! aghhh so beautiful ! 


Hello beautiful people,
Can you believe i haven’t blogged in 4 weeks :O sorry i have been really busy with exams and revision so thankgod next week is my last week of exams ! then i have work experience yay! I get to do visual merchandising in the fashion department with myer, and my bestfriend Alin is doing hers with Alan Callaghan ! How lucky is she, working one on one with a designer !

Anyway i still have revision do to for my exams so ill get back to you in a few days…. Bye xx